Happy Sivarathri

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About Happy Sivarathri:

This kolam is for siva rathri special. Happy Sivarathri to all members of Kolam family.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Happy Sivarathri


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thanks a lot for sharing such an auspicious kolam, did you do it in MS paint ?

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Nice dotted kolam. I'm glad you've started to participate often, nowadays. Smile

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Hello lata, sudha : Thanks your good comments,
i get very less time to spare for such art wok, my schedule is very tight whenever time permits only, yesterday my boss was out for 1/2 hrs, in that 1/2 hr i had to drawn scan and pait it and also uploaded.
Thanks lata u had notice and upload on time. i have some many kolam to upload. my mother-in-law had given her kolam book to upload,it would take some time.
Sudha i did it in paint software. Thanks once again.

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Vyjayanthi I can see how you must love kolams as you find time inbetween your work to upload kolams :0

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very nice kolam..it comeout very well keep it up.

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Well done!

Regards! - mOhana

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Divine kolam...

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very nice, Happy Shivaraatri...thank you

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So in half an hour time you have done Shiva pooja by drawing this nice rangoli.

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Thanks for encouraging me, Rajamma mami, Painting hardly take 5 to 8 mts, god gifted us with pait software, it is wonderful to us..... try mami, u will enjoy too. Hope u let me know your experience.
Thank, sudha, lata, judelined ( i have to sent u my kolam), lakshmi, Mohana ( whenever i see your name i remember a tamil moviee by sivaji and pamini Thilana Mohanaa bhal)dibbutn, anirudh.