brindhanagesh's picture

I wish all the friends of IKOLAM a very happy Deepavali. I made this kolam today. My hubby experimented on this by just removing the background the background Smile



jasree's picture

Very Nice Rangoli Brinda. Wish u a happy Diwali

viji_j86's picture

very nice as usual. We missed you in the chennaimeet.(your motherinlaw also).

madhuharini's picture

superb kolam,very bright in black background.

rajamma_2's picture

Wonderful! Brindha's color magic is dancing here. The black background is giving a nice contrast to this color Mela!you have brought all these lovlely flowers under the cute little blue umbrella?
Thanks for the kind wishes.
We too wish you a Happi Diwali!

Sarasp's picture

A Very happy Diwali to you too mam'
Rangoli is superb and just stands out in the black background. just tempts me to look at it again n again..
simply AWESOME Smile

sjnt's picture

1derful Brindha. There is something something in ur rangoli which makes it so spl..So, ur hubby too is experimenting with ur kolams? very good. He did it in the comp? Happy Diwali.

anirudh's picture

wow, so beautiful Brindhaji, thanks and wish you too a happy DeepaavaLi......asusal i envy your colors, they look so great & bold.

jkmrao's picture

Great work and happy dIpAvaLi! tamasO mA jyOtirgamaya, lead me from darkness into light!

Regards! - mOhana

ammuchandhini's picture

Awesome rangoli brinda...just like a bright star (colourful for a change...he he) in d dark night....

Lata's picture

Wow! If I stare any longer, I'm sure my eyes are going to pop out. :0
I really love the indentations on the bigger orange petals Brindha. I think your husband has done a wonderful job of removing the background. Come to think of it, Mr.Nageswaran has lent you his hand in most of your special occasion rangolis. Talk about being a supportive husband! Smile

Thank you for the wishes, and happy Diwali.

judelined's picture

Wow Brindha you have wonderful imagination and a very good taste for colour combinations I must say. Don't know how long I looked at this kolam in when I opened my gmail today as I was surprised to see how you had transformed this into a lovely diwali card. Did Mr Nagesh help you with that too?? I am really very happy to see a colour kolam from you after such a long time and it looks excellent more because of the black background. You did a wise thing by changing the background Mr Nagesh. Thanks for the lovely colourful wishes and hope you and family had a wonderful time too Smile

P.Veni's picture

Bright and beautiful,brinda.Thank you for the wishes and happy diwali..

subashini's picture

what to say brindha.we are proud to say , you are my friend.Thank you so much for sharing and special thanks to your husband.

akilandeswari's picture

very nice design & very nice colours Brinda.

brindhanagesh's picture

Thanks everyone. It was a surprise for me too when he showed the change after the editing. Lata, you are right. He has a hand in all my activities by his continuous encouragement, help and suggestions. (We got married at a very young age ) This egging on by him has helped me achieve this level. (Actually this was not meant to be a hubby praise post ! )
This design is based on Thangam aunty's design and she was there too in suggesting the colours. So you can say, this whole thing was a family affair !

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So beautiful Brindaji. Colour combination is very nice.

smahalakshmi's picture

Marvellous work, Brindha mam.


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Excellent Work Brindha Maam, Nice design with lovely shades of colors. The background color enhances the charm of the rangoli. And glad to hear about the family's contribution in this Lovely rangoli. .
You are blessed to have a supportive husband...

brindhanagesh's picture

Thanks, Kameswari, Mahalakshmi and Vinci. Your words are true, Vinci:) (you can call me brindha, no mam please).

Padma Prakash's picture

Wonderful, Excellent. Brinda, I dont know what to say. but one thing is sure, you have some magic in your hand and that makes every creation of yours a wonderful one.


wow very nich kolam beautiful colouring. excellent color combination.