Granny's dragon

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About Granny's dragon:

I was reading story book "Granny's Dragon" by Lisa Mccourt for Sashank and he wanted dragon to wish him in kolam, so after he slept I just hurriedly put this to greet him in the morning for his birth day.

Rangoli: Granny's dragon


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Wish you a very happy b'day Sashank!
What a wonderful b'day present you got from your own granny! Smile

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My birthday party was wonderful.Thank you Lata auntie for your birthday wishes from you to me.Same to Asha auntie,Lakshmi auntie and Jaya auntie.

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Happy birthday Sashank.God bless you.Excelent gift from ur grand mother.

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Happy birthday Sashank.nice gift from grandma!

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Happy Birthday Sashank!
Dragon kolam from Paatti and Dibo-dragon cake from Amma-Kalakkare!

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thank u every1 and god bless
i wish for u too