Golu Marapachi Doll

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About Golu Marapachi Doll : PRINT

This Marapachi Bommai is Decorated as Sri Ranganathar and Ranganayaki thayar. Our Golu was adorned with this Marapachi Bommai.

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Rangoli: Golu Marapachi Doll


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Vow, fantastic! ஆண்டாளும் ரங்கநாதரும் வீட்டுக்குள்ள வந்த
மாதிரி இருக்கு!

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Elaborate alankaaram with so many minute things.The outer flower arangement is hiding the full beauty of the Marappachi alankaaram.On the whole gives a feeling of visiting the temple.

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Great work. Good ornamentation and garlands! Congratulations and good luck!

Regards! - mOhana

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This dressing gives a feeling that both of them are going on for a nagarvalam.

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it looks very beautiful...Awesome

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I congradulate you for the beautiful alankaram. Not necessary to visit temple,Here only we can see Ranganathar and
Ranganayaki thayar and pray.It looks like watching from the temple.

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Especially the hairstyle for Ranganayaki and the garland arrangements for the dolls.Good luck.

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very beautiful and divine

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thaayarum aranganatharum ரொம்ப azhagu. maalai mattri voonjal aaduvadhu போல் இருக்கு.alangaram ரொம்ப super .

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hairstyle of thayar is beautifully done!

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kalayana kolathil thayar and ranganathar.decorations seems to be heavy.nice.

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Garlanding and decoration are fantastic

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This is absolutely divine Archana Smile

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very beautifully decorated, look very holy... good work.



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Congratulations!!! Archanaji

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Congratulations,your idea was unique

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Thanks a lot for supporting me and win this competetion.Thank u all for voting me Smile

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Congrats Archana - I guessed this one would win hands down Smile

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Thank you all for ur support.this is the first time that i am participating in some contest.Its because of all ur support that i won.Its very encouraging:):)