Gokul Krishna

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About Gokul Krishna : PRINT

This Gokul Krishna is my inspiration for the Glass painting and rangoli

glass painting
Rangoli: Gokul Krishna


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Mahkhan Chor looks very cute and cuddly

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Nobody is looking at you. Go put your hands inside the pot!
Very nice work.

Regards! - mOhana

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Captivated by innocent look of Baby Krishna

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kunju krishnan looking vennai inside the pot really looks very pretty and beautiful.congraduaslations.can you please tell me the idea to make glass painting.that is enough.thank you.

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Neela kkallan manadhai kollaai kondu vittaan

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hai mam yr glass painting has come out very well...baby krishna is so chubby and cute...

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WOW! Awesome painting.. beautiful. Everything is so neat n perfect.. Lata, without your permission I'm sharing this with my FB friends.. hope u dont mind..


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super super

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What a sweetheart this Krishna is?? Very very cute Smile

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very nice painting..keep it up...

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Beautiful painting!

Saras, thanks for not asking. Smile

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Very very cute little krishna......-Indira

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ammaa naanu devaraaNe beNNe kaddillammaa (mom, god promise not stolen the butter)...... Smile very very nice.