boder design

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About boder design:

A border design i did. my son took this picture thought of putting

Rangoli: boder design


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nice design alamelu mam...

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Looks line a bonbon to me Smile

This is for those who don;t know what bonbon means.....

As kids we used to get this during christmas time. Mum and Dad would fill in lots of goodies and kutty kutty surprises in these bonbons and on christmas the bonbons were kept under the christmas tree with our names on it. Two of us would hold each end of the bonbon and pull it apart. The joy and excitement we got collecting what fell down from inside was the best part. Though it would just be some chocolates, pencils, rubbers etc. etc. we would feel as if we had collected some Alibaba treasure. Sigh!!! those were the days my friend......

See this one to get a better idea:

Thank you Alameu for taking me on a trip down memory lane Smile

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nice design

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thank u ammuchandhini, judy and lakshmi mam. judy your description is very nice and thanx for the link also.

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Very nice design alamelu maam.

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thank u rajusree

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Alamelu maam nice border design ... the reflection of it on the wall adds to the beauty

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Kovil Ther ( chariot) side alankaaram panni thonga viduum cloth pole irukke!! The reflection is beautiful.

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thank u rajamma mam and dibbutn

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very good idea.... Lol very nice to see too....

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thank u aishu

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very nice border madam

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thank u radpri