Glorious Cricket!

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Cricket is in the news now, for wrong reasons.
This rangOli with the red cherry and the willow is dedicated to all
cricketers and cricket lovers! The sun never sets on a cricket field!
For the glory of cricket, enjoy! - mOhana

Rangoli: Glorious Cricket!


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Ashaji, this cricket art has been given away by mOhanaji for Kaushik! As far as I know, all boys who're from India (my brother included), love this sport!
I'm sure mOhanaji takes his set of cricket gear from his closet every now and then, and then puts it back after reminiscing for a while Smile

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Thankyou sir,cricket is my favorite game,when i am in newzealand i dont miss any match(if they play in wellington),blessed with so many blessings. this year birthday is a very special one for me:)

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mOhanaji very nice. The lower left design reminds me of my 3D kolam.(refer Gallery)

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very nice before opening this page i was imagining kolam (free hand) of cricketers playing in the ground

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Lovely patterns. Especially the one on the left side second row is very nice.

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Nice designs JKM Sir.

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The last one particularly a beautiful benzene structure, all the designs looks great