Fruit Salad for Ikolam members

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This is a kolam with all the possible fruits (courtesy Aval Vigadan) ... I added few other fruits that I could remember... the inner fruit is banana, second layer is apples and oranges, third layer is pineapples and watermelon, outer layer is oranges and grapes... hope you all like it and enjoy it

Rangoli: Fruit Salad for Ikolam members


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and here comes fruit salad to follow the ice-cream - today seems to be dessert day for me at ikolam - thanks to everyone for their contribution. Good idea Pushpa Smile

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Nice fruit salad Pushpa. I like the banana bunch... cute.

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beautiful arrangement ...keeep it up

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after a long time visiting veggie patch now.. First i took to see ur submission only push...oru fruit juice kadaiku poitu cocktail juice adichutuv vanda feeling da coool.. good for summer :)))))))))

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Hai Hai indha ice vekire velai yellam vendama kannu ...

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ice i vaika matanga push... eduthu sapuduvanga.. hehe... (mokkaya irukunu nenaikiren :)))))))))

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Sweet arrangement! Days are really hot here, touching 90s and hundreds (upper thirties in Celsius). So the watermelon is for me Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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yummy work pushpa