Freehand rangoli

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Hai to all...wanted to try a tiny design as a maakolam...did this kolam and went to continue my kitchen works thinking it would take atleast 1/2 an hr to dry....alas...when i returned after 15 mins it was perfectly dry Big smile but the ants had finished d corner parts Stare ....adjusted kolam is here for ur views Big smile


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Wow...Well made maakolam

Wow...Well made maakolam Rani...nice strokes and well coloured. Finally we got to see a maakolam from you Big smile ...hope you create many designs like this for us to enjoy...Smile

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lovely maakolam rani.also

lovely maakolam rani.also colorful too.your experience with maakolam is the same to my computer kolam.yes,my fingers and palm are aching while drawing with mouse.yet,I don't think avoiding kolams on computer.

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a very nice try of a

a very nice try of a maakolam,,, keep trying rani,,, sure u can do magics,,,, Wink

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Hmmm...that winky smiley is

Hmmm...that winky smiley is definitely telling me some thing else uma Tongue ...hehe...thanksu pa Smile

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What a coincidence, Rani. I

What a coincidence, Rani. I too have made a kolam with rice paste today. But, I ran out of the preferred colors of sand. To top my problems, the local craft store is not stocking up. Although I bought some holi powders from my local indian store, I am yet to plan my mixing session in my left over half a kg of rangoli powder I got from India last time. Big smile

I like the design and the bright colors you've used in this kolam. Nice of you to share your experience with ants! Love

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Aahaa...happy to see u after

Aahaa...happy to see u after a long (yes...really for me) time lata Big smile ...thanks dear...hmm can't wait to see ur maakolam too Big smile

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Yes long time. I admired all

Yes long time. I admired all the new rangolis, though am yet to comment.
Btw, when are you uploading your door rangoli? I made a small one yesterday. I'm waiting for you. Smile

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Oh yes...was waiting to hear

Oh yes...was waiting to hear from u....thats why made d rice paste yesterday...shall do a small kolam on my kitchen door today and upload by tomorrow....hope its ok for u....ayyo it will be more fun if more friends join on this door-kirukkals Tongue Wink Big smile

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You are on! Sure, upload

You are on! Sure, upload tomorrow. I will say "present miss" once you say it. Big smile

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Hehe...shd finish d kolam and

Hehe...shd finish d kolam and wipe d door clean before Raj returns from work in d afternoon Tongue Big smile

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Sim Sim, Kuljaa!

Sim Sim, Kuljaa! Big smile Love

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Handsome colorful work! By

Handsome colorful work! By the way, which is costlier, powder or flour? Regards! - mOhana

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Mohanaji, I think you might

Mohanaji, I think you might be under the impression that most people make the maa kolam by mixing rice flour in water (at least that's how I've noticed you make reference in my champagne rangoli. Big smile ) But, I think most people will soak the rice and grind for their maa kolams. I do the same here. And, I save the left-over paste in the fridge to re-use for the next day as well. Smile

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Yes jkm sir....I too follow d

Yes jkm sir....I too follow d same method...soak raw rice, grind it in a mixie and also re-use Smile

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Thanks again jkm sir....pdr

Thanks again jkm sir....pdr costs 450/ per month for me...but d raw rice(paccharisi) which we get in our ration shops is free Tongue

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So do you make flour and then

So do you make flour and then mix with water, or do you soak and grind (the old fashioned way)? Smile

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Soak and grind raw rice only

Soak and grind raw rice only lata Smile i was holding my left-over rice paste on one hand and blinking what to do Tongue when i suddenly checked my mobile...saw ur comment and put down d container and came running to switch-on d comp... Laughing out loud Big smile

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Oh my, you're more dedicated

Oh my, you're more dedicated that I thought! Big smile
I don't check my cell at all for long periods of time. Big smile

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Hmmm....every 15 mins i'll be

Hmmm....every 15 mins i'll be checking normally...but when interesting topics like contest kolams,peacock fashion show or garden rangolis etc r published it will get shortened Crazy Big smile

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wow....such a nice experience

wow....such a nice experience rani Big smile nice and beautiful colourful maakkolam Smile

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hehe sugu...really

hehe sugu...really appreciating only pulling legs thaane... Tongue thanks pa Smile

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pulling legs???? apdina

pulling legs???? apdina ennathu Laughing out loud Big smile Wink Innocent .....only appreciation rani Smile

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Hmmm then ok .... neenge

Hmmm then ok Beer .... Big smile neenge mattum thaan Innocent aah...naanum thaan Innocent Laughing out loud

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expecting more maakkolams

expecting more maakkolams from you rani Smile

ammuchandhini's picture fingers fingers started aching pressing d cloth to squeeze d paste....even after d first stroke itself...was thinking...che d kolam would've been finished within mins if i had done with normal kolam pdr.... Tongue Big smile but till i receive my gunny bag of kolam thinking to continue maakolams.... Smile