Free hand rangoli

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This was done on the occassion of ganesh chathurti by my neighbour.. I took the pic little bit lately, so the kolam was erased at some portion, but still wanna share with you people.

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Rangoli: Free hand rangoli


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nice freehand design...

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Very nice kolam, i like the border one, little resembles alphana style, thanks for sharing

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Nice deisgn with neat detailing...Jaanu is highlighted too much in the kolam...

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Lovely design and neat filling - you neighbour seems quite talented - thanks for sharing Smile

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Convey my thanks to your neighbour for giving us a very goos design. The outer flowers are looking very pretty. Kindly write your name in any of the corners.

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The kolam and the matching border are lovely. I too like the flowers and overall this is very beautiful even after disturbed.

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Nice kOlam. The wind seems to have been naughty Smile Please, please don't put your name at the centre, it distracts the beauty of the creation. Have it at the right bottom.

Regards! - mOhana

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Ok from next time i wil make it at down corner.. but am worried of the image copy, so i make it at center of the kolam.

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You mean people will copy it without acknowledging. I think websites will not as latAjI takes care of it. About individuals copying it for their collection or re-creation, it is impossible to stop it. They will either print the page or take a screen shot of it. My opinion is that the moment anybody puts anything on the web, in spite of all rules, it becomes a public property. My suggestion to you was only my personal opinion. You have the god given gift of drawing patterns nicely. Other aspects must not distract the viewers from this enchantment.

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice design, who is that 'Jaanu' sitting on the kolam? If somebody is tempted to copy our design it is a credit only. So donot worry of copycats.

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Ya Sure, will take care of it from next time.