Flower Rangoli

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My First Upload in ikolam. Hope you all like this.

Rangoli: Flower Rangoli


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Welcome to ikolam! Smile

This is a beautiful first upload. Nice choice of colors for the rangoli.
The free-floating pretty structures in white on the outer part of the rangoli reminds me of "Thatha poochi"! :bigsmile: Sorry, I'm in a hurry to go pick up somebody, so ended up using up the first word that popped in my mind. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful works of art with all of us. Smile

A request to all; could someone please find the translation for the tamil nick-name "Thatha poochi". It is a feathery seed that one of the trees produce and the seeds have a beautiful outer feathery covering that makes it float away in wind. I miss being a child. :bigsmile:

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I caught it...I mean I got it. Biggrin
It is the Dandelion seeds, that have the papery white colored bristles which function as parachutes in the wind.

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Habbaada...happy with ur catch lata...tnks for d info:-)

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:bigsmile: :bigsmile: Lata I cant help smiling at your Thatha poochi dear,, hmm my translation thatha-grandfather poochi-insect, so grandfather's insect :bigsmile: :bigsmile: ok ok dont hit me now... Welcome to Ikolam. Your beautiful kolam looks very pretty with the lovely patterns and coloring.

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welcome to ikolam! your kolam is awesome Dirol

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Hi geetha...welcome...superb freehand rangoli done by u and for some reason i liked this angle of d image(photo) too...usually we prefer a 90 degree angle na ....hmmm thaatha poochikku english name aah lata....for d time being(hope our ikolam encylopedia jkm sir is able to find out)...grandpa insect...eppudiiii...hahaha Biggrin

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Hilarious! :bigsmile:

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Oh Ranima, wise people think alike, I gave the same explanation before I saw your comment :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

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Welcome to ikolam Smile lovely rangoli...looks very nice..keep it up..waiting to see more creations..

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welcome to ikolam,,, ur coloring shows that u r a tasteful person,, am i right???? Smile Smile

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Welcome to ikolam! Your freehand kolam with thatha poochis is very nice. The coloring also is pleasing.

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Thatha poochi like in Avatar movie the small fling very light white things. I loved that. Really nice rangoli .

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HI welcome. very nice kolam. keep the good creatiion

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Very nice free hand kolam and casual strokes. Welcome th our family.

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Welcome to ikolam...Soft and beautiful looking rangoli...neatly done Smile

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Nice rangoli with different designs

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lovely rangoli

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Welcome to Ikolam beautiful kolam soft colors Smile

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Hai Welcome to ikolam.... Nice n colourful Rangoli... Thanks for sharing...

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Very beautiful. Is that mud floor?

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excellent geetha.