Flower kolam

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This kolam was drawn by me and my sister. Both of us discuss in advance abt the kolam to be drawn the next day morning during Margazhi month.

Rangoli: Flower kolam


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வண்ணத்து பூச்சியும் அழகு ரோஜாவும் என்ன பேசிக்கிறது ?

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wow nice to have a sister around us esp during d marghazhi days such a beautiful one u both have done

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Nice arrangement. All the flowers could have been of the same colour.

Regards! - mOhana

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Adding to jkmr's views, all the flowers would have been in same size too.. but iduvum oru vidyasamana azhagu than..

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Cute butterflies and roses... very neatly drawn

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romba azhaga irukku-yamuna

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very nice rangoli..waiting to see more of ur creations.....

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nice coloured flowers and the butterflies too.

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I like the shape of these flowers. The butterflies are playing "ring-a-ring-a-roses' I think Smile

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Wow... beautiful roses...-Indira