Hi! This floral arrangement is done on Children's Day at the request of my daughters Saranya & Amogha. They selected the "OM" as the base.



In tamizh we would say; "amoga-ma irrukku"! :) Thank you Saranya, Amoga and Mrs.Kameswari. :) (amogam means abundant in tamil, it also means very nice).

Thank you Lathaji !

Amarkalamaa erukku............... Very beautiful pookolam ma'am........... -Indira

very nice

Kameswariji.excellent flower rangoli.white round looks like a string.leaves arrangement also looks nice.

very beautiful...Om has comeout good in midst of roses

Wonderful job. very well done.

The centre OM surrounded with colorful flower petals, and leaves is wonderful.( I love your childrens name too) rajamma

Madam, romba romba azhaga irruku inda poo kolam. This is very nice. Your daughters have great taste. Dhivya.

Kameswari ma'am wonderful poo kolam... the green leaves add to the beauty.

Very beautiful! Your children have good artistic tastes. Regards! - mOhana

Very beautiful! poo kolam.Kameswari

Thank you all. My daughters would be happy by seeing all your comments. I will convey to them all your feedback

Beautiful pookolam Mrs.Kameswari.

This is really pretty Kameshwari, Saranya and Amoga... The jasmines look like they are tied in a string - the green leaves make the pookolam look even prettier :)