Lakshmi nivas

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Lakshminivas kolam taught by Rajamji, connecting 1,3,5,2,4,1. My next kolam will be with kolapodi.

Rangoli: Lakshmi nivas


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Asha.... looks beautiful hmmm welcome to P C wold....Asha..really looks nice.

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Thank you Lakshmi.

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Asha, u were missing for sometime.(Like me went for any Yaatra ? to see a young Pilot?)
Beautiful Lakshmi Hrudhayam kolam. waiting to see your kolapodi kolam.

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Rajamji thank you ,actually I had gone to stay with my mother for a few days as she was about to go for yatra(Chinmaya mission's family camp in Guptakasi and Kunda)I just wanted to make sure she packed her things properly.though my brother does everything even I wanted to be with her.Rajamji ,how was your Haridwar yatra??

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One more ikolam-Chinmaya family!
No wonder we don't get to "talk to" Asha that often! Smile
The colors you've chosen for this kolam reminds me of the popular mysore-silk, pattu saree color combination of mustard yellow + maroon. Do you have one in that color? I need to get one in my next visit (Nalli in my area is limited in choices).

Please let me know if you come to know of any Chinmaya retreats for seniors (in Bangalore/Chennai). Although I wouldn't be of retirable age in a decade, I still would like to be in one of those Chinmaya madams for good! Smile

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i am not going to leave you until you put this kolam in kola mavoo and upload here
(Just joking)

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Thank you Viji.sure as you wish ,I will try with kolapodi:)

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Hi Lata,it thought you were busy with children & had mentioned that you have some exams to give.
Thank you ,yes!!i have this combination binny silk saree:)
My mother had a wonderful experience in this trip(this was the first time she went alone)they had dhyanam,treking &most surprisingly many of them were young!I will mail you the details shortly Lata,have a nice summer vacations with kids:)

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Binny silk?? Asha then it must be quite an old saree... or do you still get Binny Silk sarees??? very pretty combination...

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yes Judy,thats an old saree .now we don't get binny silks only mysore silk sarees,that too very expensive!

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I guessed as much - I too had a Binny saree (dont know exactly what material - somewhat like chiffon) - it could literally be folded and put into a matchbox - so soft and comfortable - bottle green with flowers..

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I want to lean this kolam.

I could not understand how you put the dots...

Could you pls explain in detail?

Lakshmi Karthik

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Just remember 1 3 5 2 4, u have to 5 dot on left, right, up, down, 5 dots to between the right angle all sides,
now your see dot in circle, and join Ist dot and 3 dot of second line, and 5 dot of third line and 2nd dot of next line and 4th dot of next line and back to dot Ist... and so on...... try try and try again you will get........ this should be drawn in pooja room only.


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Such a classic design. I know you have tried to explain before, but after 5 tries I was still unable to follow :-). I think I understand how you have connected, but I am not getting how you place the dots. Would you be able to just upload the dots pattern ?

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Ah finally, by devi's grace, I got it! It took 6 tries :-).

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Here is another link for the same design: