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This fish on chikku kolam done by me this weekend. Friends your views please.



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Lovely fish chikku kolam Vasanthi. If you give it to Julien, she will marinate, fry and give it to Dr Rekha and Rani mam.


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vasanthi.Here is a voice I heard, "vadhaikkaadhey, varukkaadhey, azhagiya yennaiye, vasanthi".Don't you hear?pl don't give to any one.lovely , colorful fish.Aappadiye, kidakkattum, aanandhamaga urangattum.

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wow....... fantastic vasanthi mam

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" Meene Meene Meenamma, unnai pidiththadhu yaaramma?,kaiyilirundhu nazhuvi kadalukkul odi poyi olindhidammaa "

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Vasanthi, nicely drawn kolam. What is the source ? where from u r getting the designs?

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Rajam mam,

I think Vasanthi is getting these designs from mykolam.blogspot.


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Very cute, pretty, lovely alive fish sikku kolam. Vasanthi have you used chalk for drawing this. A very neat implementation with lovely blue touch.

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Oh..... lovely fish......... vasanthi.. wht a beautiful fish kolam u done it... dear........... maha i am ready to fry... if vasanthi give., (ha hahaaaaaaaaaa) this weekend is enjoyable... Hello Where is TOM, and Cherry........ come fast.......... waiting for your dinner..........

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Good work, matsyAvatAra! God will be pleased Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Very imaginative kolam with such neat strokes vasanthi....I am so happy for u....

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thank you maha, suba, swathi mam, rajammaji, julien mam, JKM Sir, rani mam for your good comments. and Rajammaji and maha, this fish kolam and lotus kolam from my old kolam book collections (my butterfly, and peacock kolam only from my kolam website)

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July indeed looks very fresh but dear it is a shark be careful.....instead of we frying it ,if we go near to it ,it will have delicious dinner with this fatty jerry ........Vasanthi great work i know deliberately u have created this shark to scare this jerry (as she always check ur patience), instead of pomfret(my favorite fish)..Great imagination .excellent presentation Hats off to u dear.
Maha request this naughty to create some Pomfret and prawns and send it to July to fry and invite our Big tom and jerry .

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thank you Dr. Rekhahi...yes yes if you more and more test our patience, the bigger shark will appear...ha ha ha (just joking ji...), i am just executing the existing design mam, that's all and padma mam, this is a kolapodi kolam only.. mam drawn on my portable black board sheet

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Superb fish kolam

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Simply superb.

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Lovely fish in chikku kolam. Filling the body in between with colours is looking very nice.

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wow nice imagination vasanthi! fish chikku kolam is superb!-suguna murugesan