marghazhi kolam

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colour kolam on margazhi day in front of our flat.

Rangoli: marghazhi kolam


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Nice kolam... a brighter picture would have been nice

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This design is there in my kolam collection. I love to put it often. Neatly drawn and colored. Since ur floor is with dots you should either put bright colors or cover the gaps with colors.

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try to upload a brighter picture. it is very nice.

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I see in the centre one diya is angry with the rest and facing the opposite direction Blum 3 Wish we had a brighter image to comment properly - for now all I can say is - though it is a pretty kolam, the lighting of the photo, floor and colours are not blending well with each other - Rajam I too have this in my collection and use it often - straight dot count 21 - 1 Smile

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hi judelined mam i love the way u comment my kolams, i enjoyed a lot to read ur comments than putting the rangolis....

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Hello bharathirathnakumar, this happens to be Rathna's kolam. I think you're mistaken, and are in the wrong place. Smile