First Attempt Hridaya Kamala Kolam

Mrs Srividya K…
Nice try Vidhya. :) Just follow the order and connect the 1-3-5 dots first and then 2-4 and continue in the same order will get a perfect one.
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Mrs Srividya K…

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Thanks sowmya I was not so confident to draw in the floor. I tried 6 to 7 times in my kolam book and then made this attempt bravely :). I will try again as mentioned by you dear and thank u so much for the encouragement.
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Nice first attempt srividhya...looks try what sowmi has said....1,3,5,2,4, d order :)
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Your first attempt is good dear, let me see if I can give you an easier way to do it.... Sowmys suggestion holds good for this.
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Srividya, your first attempt is good. Here is the demo of the 2 types of Hridhaya kamalam kolam and a my recent little complicated one.Tell me if it is helpful to understand.
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the other one for guidance,
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It has come out good in your First attempt
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