Karthigai rangolis

Rangoli: Karthigai Rangoli

This is a free hand rangoli drawn in front of my house during karthika deepam.

Rangoli: Karthigai kolam

This kolam is decorated with lamps symbolic of the KARTHIGAI DEEPAM festival.

Rangoli: Karthigai Kolam

This was made for the Karthigai deepam function. The 8-petal flower is the basis for this design...

Rangoli:  Red and Green Orchid Delight!

This is free hand coloured rangoli, drawn during karthigai deepam in our house.

Rangoli: Karthigai deepam rangoli

This rangoli was made of Samanthi and rose petals. This picture was taken immediately after...

Rangoli: Karthigai Kolam

This is a free hand kolam with lamps.To all wish you happy karthigai!!
Lakshmi devi

Rangoli: Karthigai Kolam

This is a simple kolam...with deepams all around...this was done on the road..its kinda big for...

Rangoli:  Krithikai Kolam

You can see the dots in different colours...you can colour up the vilaku or lamp in any shades...