Christmas rangolis

Rangoli: Christmas kolam

This is 13-7 middle dots. The christmas trees are 6-1 middle. Didn't have time to colour.

Rangoli: Christmas tree

Dharun, decorating the Tree with the greeting cards from his friends.

Rangoli: Christmas - Santa

Happy Christmas and merry Christmas! Welcome to the Christmas celebration!

Rangoli: Christmas Rangoli

It takes 25 minutes to complete this rangoli. The photo was taken before sunrise.

Rangoli: Christmas

I drew Santa Clause for XMAS rangoli, specially for my son.

Rangoli: Santa

This is a normal drawing and not a dotted kolam. Very simple and easy for kids to try.

Rangoli: Christmas Rangoli

This one was drawn on Christmas Day. It is just a 6 to 6 dot kolam with my imagination. Pls...

Rangoli: Christmas Rangoli

Today I made this X'mas Kolam in front of our house.

Rangoli: Merry X'mas!

Hello friends, wanted to wish you all Merry X'mas and A Happy New year. No time to draw big...

Rangoli: Santa Tesselation

Since Christmas is fast approaching and children are
awaiting eagerly the arrival of Santa...

Rangoli: X' MAS Card Rangoli

This is a doted x'mas card rangoli, filled with colours reflecting trees, star, candles , gifts...

Rangoli: X' MAS Rangoli Tree

This was drawn by Bharathi and me.

This ia a X'MAS tree filled with stars, gifts, and...

Rangoli: Christmas Rangoli

This is a free-hand kolam for Christmas with the stars and the tree.

Rangoli: Christmas decor

Jennifer Kumar's Christmas decor.