Festival kolam

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We celebrated Ganesha festival at our office premises and utilized the opportunity to try my first "Sankar Bharathi" kolam as I was very much influenced by Rangarang Rangoli Utsav of bangalore. Your views pls....

Rangoli: Festival kolam


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Wow..a very perfectly made beauty Padma. Well maintained symmetry. :star: :star: :star:

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Wow. Padma very pretty and attractive. Perfect round with beautiful decorations.So we can expect more SB kolam from you? Smile

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Wow...nice sb rangoli padma...such vibrant cols making it so attractive Smile

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Wow Padma so beautiful SB kolam. very pretty

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Thank you Soumi, Raani, Aarchi for your aprreciating words. @Rajamma, thank you so much, yes I have confidence indrawing SB kolams now after my first attempt.
But I am going for Rajasthan trip from 4/10 and I will be back on 15/10. Let me try later.

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wow... so pretty Padma ma'm...good influence, waiting for more SB designs after you are back. Have a nice trip, enjoy your vacation

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Thank you Anirudh for your wishes and good words.

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Wow wonderful and good attempt. Looks so beautiful....

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Nicely made rangoli with perfect round. Smile

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Wow Padma, this looks really splendid dear... I think you should try more often SB kolams... it looks simply superb.

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Wow wonderful and good attempt.looks pretty..keep it up.waiting to see more from you padma.

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excellent padma.