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Hi all,
This is the kolam that I put for my parents' Shashtiabthapoorthi.
It is a bit smudged...still wanted to share with all of you...


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Sowmya, this Maavu ezhai

Sowmya, this Maavu ezhai kolam with lot of alankaarams around is very attractive.

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Sowmya,nice kolam.especially

Sowmya,nice kolam.especially designs on four sides and the design on the top is unique.

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JudyFirst of all congrats to

JudyFirst of all congrats to your parents on their 'Shashtiabthapoorthi' - hope you had a nice time. I like the centre design so much - really cute.. and the design on top reminds me of the 'Pattu Pai' drawn by Jayanthi....

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very nice, the center hearts

very nice, the center hearts could have been colored red with kavi. but still looks very beautiful.

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Good one, Sowmya. I too like

Good one, Sowmya. I too like the small fittings and the central portion! Hope you had a great time!

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Nice kolam sowmya viji

Nice kolam sowmya

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Welcome to ikolam Sowmya!

Welcome to ikolam Sowmya! Your kolam looks very pretty (beautiful shade of orange-kaavi)! The smaller designs made around the main one look nice too. I'm glad you shared this with all of us. Thank you. Smile