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Hi..this is the first step of Durga pooja ..rangoli was drawn and it was decorated with flowers by Acharyas ...as the pooja went on...the other 2 photos follows...

navrathri 2010


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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this here so quickly, Lakshmi. Smile

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How come I wasn't invited? Cray 2

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Wow Lakshmiii...d whole pic is itself soo divine...its doing something to me inside my mind....I too repeat Latha's comment....he hee....

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very very neatly done.
thnx for sharing these type of designs inspire us for free hand kolams.
I wil definitely use ideas of these type of kolams
Thnx for sharing.

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very nice one...In kerala Bhagavathy sevai (pooja for Ambal) is done on such type of kolams called kalam which is drawn by the pujari himself...there are different designs and each one is unique .....during adi maasam we get to see these everyday in the kerala temples.....is this the same pooja? just shared my thoughts...

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Beautiful colours Lax - kolam and the lamp makes it look so divine - sorry I could not make it Sad

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Kolam and the lamp looks so divine,lakshmi.Thanks for sharing..

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Lakshmi Mam,

Very neat arrangement. Kolam with silver lamps looks so divine. Looks like Bhagavathy sevai.


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Looks like a carpet.. Nice..

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Beautiful carpet design. Lamps add more divinity to the kolam.

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It looks very beautiful and divine.

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Looks divine! Awaiting for the rest of the rangolis!
Vijaysowmya, Lakshmi said it is Durga pooja done on the ashtami day of Navaraathri. I too feel that it is similar to the 'Bhagavathi sevai' done in Kerala temples/houses during aadi/thai vellikizhamais and also Navrathri. These rangolis are called yanthrams and done by poojaris themselves.

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Great work and colouring, very divine. Yes, we too celebrate sarasvatIpUjA on saptami, durgApUjA on ashTami and lakshmIpUjA on navami. In fact, my father used to light two nandAdIpAs or akhanDajyOtis during the daSarA, one on the first day with ippa oil and the other on the seventh day with clarified butter. It was sometime, our chore to replenish the oil or ghee to the lamps.

Regards! - mOhana

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Oh!!Lata u din't get my invitation?? I did sent by courier to you ..think it shuld be couriers mistake..hehehe....don't worry next time when ur in chennai i will arrange this pooja specially for you....
mOhanaji..yes we also follow the same method... thank you friends..........

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Nice one .centre design is captivating. Since u did not draw this, my alphabetical order comments r reserved for ur next kolam.

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Hi friends.......
I am the lucky one to enjoy the beauty in person and felt the divine pooja in person.
It was so great.

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Looks so divine.... rangoli is very beautiful...-Indira Sundar

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Very divine and thank u for sharing.