Dry coconut carving

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This is Dry Coconut Engraving,
procedure: Draw a design on the dry coconut either using pencil or any other marker.
By using small knife or blade peel the required design...you may refer the picture below. In karnataka weddings this kopparai is exchanged between bridge & groom.

Rangoli: Dry coconut carving


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Nice to get a close-up view on these designs. My friend had bought a piece from an Emporium in Banglore, for her golu display last year when she had visited India.

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Lata, thank u very much

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Thnk u lakshmi,i try it and upload soon.

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Dry Coconut Engraving is excelent!!!wow!this is new to me..

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Radha thank u very much

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Design on dry coconut!!! interesting...it looks nice.

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Priya thanks a lot

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Lakshmi, chumma chumma vokkanthu yoosipeengaloo.
u r great. Pass more ideas to IKOLAM, then we will get it . ok
nice designs in the dry coconut .

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Indira thank u so much for ur sweet comments.yes i will send some more shortly...

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Lakshmi,very artistic !

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Asha thanks for ur kind and sweet comments.

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very nice lakshmi, Shall you send this design to my id?

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Viji madam,thank u.yes.

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this is too nice but how to do this easily .give me a full description please.

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wat is tat white colour,i cant identify.

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hi mam this very nice pls tell me how design this


I am also like to know how to engrave / to carve such designs in kopparai. Though I know to some extent, I wish to know the ideas of others also for making the art perfect and more attractive. Is there any process for easy engraving, before we draw any design/picture/name over the kopparai?


It is very much needed in the weddings of Madhwa Brahmins' marriages. During the Janavaasam day evening, when the bride is sitting in the appropriate place in the stage, her would-be mother-in-law would present her many gifts, cosmetics ,dolls and ALSO some ten or fifteen half-coparas and 2 full coparas (dry coconut full pulp) all duly decorated by engraving on it several natural scenes, birds, gods pictures, bride and bridegroom arts and also the names of the couple going to wed.

It is not only famous in Karnataka, it is being used in the marriages in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra as well. Now a days this (design engraved copra)is being used by some other sects of people like, Iyers, Iyengars, Naidus, Saiva Chettiars also in Tamil Nadu. These coconut with design looks very nice and the same can be preserved for months together in the show-case.
There are some handful of artists in Tamil Nadu and many in Karnataka. I am also interested in doing such beautiful engravings in dry copras and seldom I do this. If anybody wants to know the address of some of the artists, I can provide with pleasure because I know them personally.
By the By, I also want to know some addresses, phone numbers of such copra artists in Karnataka. Can anybody help me?

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Hi Madam,

I am in need of these carvings and dolls, i want to gift many things for my sister-in-law's marriage. I have to keep "chiru" for her. Can u give me the address and contact details. I am living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Please do help me as soon as possible.
Thanks in advance.


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srividhya...please go to Sri Raghavendra swamy mutt,triplicane ,chennai...,,and enquire ,they will able to assist you..many people doing this artistic work at triplicane...

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put more designes for kobbari gituku

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ee idea chala chala sooper ga vundi.

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nice idea.. god share
i liked the kalasam one

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Laxmi maam indeed a unique and creative idea .