Drum roll audition - Viji madam's Rangoli

Viji ma'am, hope I've done an ok job with your plate! :) http://www.ikolam.com/node/3589 I've stuck "my own" piece of a square mirror in this version, that was missing in your original plate (top right). However, this image is a bit irregular, because the original was somewhat irregular at a couple of places (I couldn't use the outer border from your plate). This is the best I could do. :)
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Thankyou lata, Thankyou verymuch for making my glass painting more and more elegant. I am very bad at taking photo. I think My next visit to USA will make me correct (My teacher in this subject is my DearDIL) viji
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Viji, It has come out very well after Lata's touch-ups!
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