Drum roll audition - take 1

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The drum ...

drum roll
Rangoli: Drum roll audition - take 1


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Lata - I think I mailed you separately not to upload that "rainbow rangoli" I had made for this drum but on second thoughts - just paste it on the drum and see if it looks ok then go ahead... actually there were a lot of unfilled white dots that appeared when I saved the picture (due to some power fluctuation or something like that while I was saving my work)...

since the design will look smaller than the actual image after it is put on this cute drum I dont think it will look that bad... try and see and if you are satisfied with the result go ahead... otherwise just tell me and I will work on it again and send it once more...

thank you...

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This actually looks like a real drum.

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Judy, no, I did not receive a separate email regarding the rainbow rangoli. I see that you had uploaded a rainbow circular design 2 days ago. The drum was prepared when members had started posting comments about participating in it (you were one of them too), some members had uploaded designs too around the same time. There was a place holder for everyone who had mentioned that they would be participating, or who did direct uploads. I finished preparing the drums 5 days ago, after receiving drum designs from all who had committed, or members who had just uploaded for it.

As of now, I'm not adding more to it, due to lack of time. I do plan on displaying the late submissions at a later day, probably after the "game" is over. The rainbow design is very pretty, your neighbour's daughter has named it right! Smile

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that's not a problem Lata... I am sure you have your hands full with so much activity lately on ikolam and lots to do at home too.... take your time, but just tell me if you think that I need to rework on that rangoli before you upload it...

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You're joking, right? I just took one more look, and let me put it this way, it is WAY TOO PRETTY to find fault with!! Smile