Dotted kolam - 5 - 1

Lata Thu, 12/21/2006 - 11:28

Ms.Ruby, you could start learning to make images in Photoshop by getting used to the different tools in the tool bar of the software. Start using the pencil/brush/line and shape tool to draw shapes and try coloring them by selecting the colors from the color palette. You can play around with the different options available from the filter menu once you've created some basic shapes. Simply put; you've to start selecting each tool from the tool bar and just using/drawing on your page as if you're doing it on your paper. How about going to an institute in your area, if possible. A structured program wouldn't hurt. :) It is all about practice, and it does take time though, pretty much like making kolams in real life. Get started and our constant feedback would help you as you go along.
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Namaste! Thank you for this incredible website. I live in the US and just made my first kolam outside my doorstep. Is there a resource that you recommend that will help me to understand the purposes and deities for specific designs? Many blessings for your labor of love on this website. Mine is Hari Om Mary
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Sujatha Jha

Thanks Latha. In fact I had wanted to tell u earlier to add more animation kolams. This is the best way to learn.
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