kaarthigai 2011

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hai...this is my kaarthigai deepam kolam. thank you lata, how is it my floor version Smile hope you all like this Smile

Rangoli: kaarthigai 2011


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Beautiful kolam and romba azhagaga deepam olirgirathu . Wind bagwan is kind enough to help you to take this photo.Usually kathula vilaku erivathu romba kashtam. this is beautiful.

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lovely, lovely, lovely kolam suguna.

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fantastic sugu,, ur strokes r awesome,, very neat and divine

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Very beautiful and symmetrical deepam kolam Suguna...liked your thin strokes very much. Smile

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lovely kolam,lams,and photography...very nice

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Wow...what an atmosphere sugu...ur last yr karthigai kolam is still in my eyes pa...lovely kolam and such neat strokes...how i wish u could do kolams on a regular basis....is ur back-ache ok now... Smile

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thank you rani! konjam bend panninaal kooda back pain vanthidum. romba kashtappattu kolam podaama irukkiren. so our friends kolathai rasithu santhoshappadukiren Smile

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Oh so sad...pl take care of ur health pa...at this young age u shd be able to recover from any ailment unless it gets chronic.

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thank you rani for your kind tips! Smile

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thank you my dear friends for your encouraging words Smile

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very nice awesome in deepam light..

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devine presentation suguna, fantastic.

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thank you radhika and bala!

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So Serene and beautiful, Suguna! The kolam is very nice and the lamp decoration looks wonderful. Nice glowing atmosphere. Thanks so much for making this kolam on such a festive occasion. Sorry to hear about your back pain. I remember you talking about the same problem a few months back too. I hope you get find a fix for this soon. In the meantime, it is thoughtful of you to comment on everybody's kolams. Thanks so much. Smile


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thank you lata :)....i save my energy for margazhi month.... hope i'll make chinna chinna kolngal in margazhi days :bigsmile:

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Hi Sugu dear, what a splendid beauty this is pa. Looks so very divine in the beautiful atmosphere with lamps and the darkness... very very beautiful Smile

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Hai SSS, this is a wonderful presentation pa and induces nice festive spirit. So sorry for your health my dear. Please take care .

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thank you pushpa and maha Smile

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lamp decoration s so nice and it gives a divine feeling.

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thank you brintha for your nice comment Smile

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Beautiful kolam. Very sharp and neat strokes. Big kuthivilakku is very nice.

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thank you veena Smile