Diwali Rangoli (contest entry_30)

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Entered for diwali rangoli contest 2008

Rangoli: Diwali Rangoli (contest entry_30)


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The pot diyas are beautiful. Where did you get it from. Can you pl. share the information where I can buy this.


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good colours

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This looks beautiful

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soooooooo pretty............

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The moment I saw this rangoli in the " Home " page my thoughts went back to last year Deepavali. Seeing a message in email from Lata, informing the Diwali kolam contest, I just put this rangoli in a hurry( This design is my favourite)when others have gone out for Deepavali shopping. and colored it with the rare color powder my son has brought from US ( for his kolapayithiyam Amma). I decorated it with the nice Diyas presented by a relative.(They are available in plenty in Jayanagar, B'lore market).I told my son to take poto and upload it to ikolam( till then didnot know/learnt all those thing). And went to Singapore next week.... there my daughter opened the ikolam site and showed me the Deepavali kolam entries.I was wonderstruck.From that day ikolam became my dear "snehidhi".
So this is the first entry from me to ikolam.So for me this is the first Thali Deepavali, in ikolam.
Thanks for all for reading my 'Malarum Ninaivugal'

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romba nanna irukku. mami superb. first entry best entry.

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Dear Rajamma,

Really good and nice rangoli.

Divya Vyas, Bangalore

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Very pretty and beautiful colour combination

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very beautiful

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Romba nanna iruku.it's very nice