Diwali Rangoli (contest entry_104)

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Entered for diwali rangoli contest 2008. The kolams have been bordered with bangles (a few of them cut, to give shape) and colored inside with rangoli powder.

Rangoli: Diwali Rangoli (contest entry_104)


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follow with tittle of 'vilakku'

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Sure, I'll add the appropriate tags and titles once the voting is over. By the time these rangolis go to settle down in their respective folders, in the Gallery, they'll all be fully categorized!

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nice one

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nice one

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excelent decoration

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This is so beautiful with all these lamps, perfect colour combination!

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Neat work and wonderful decoration.
What have you used for the borders.. are those golden color pipe cleaners.
I like the texture of the rangoli.. is the standard rangoli powder or have you used salt/rice powder or something like that.

It will be nice if you can please share.

Excellent piece of art.. keep it up

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Thankyou... I was waiting for the voting to get over to post my reply. The golden borders were created by cut bangles. The rangoli powder is a ready mix powder that I got from Baroda.It is well prepared and when sieved with a tea sifter it spreads uniformly. It gives a velvet mat effect. Alternately, it can also be prepared at home, only that it involves a bit of work!! I thank one and all for the appreciative comments.

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simply superb.

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Broken bangles used as border/outline? wonderful.When i visited My brother's place in Baroda my sister-inlaw presented me Baroda rangoli powder and took me to the Rangoli exhibition too.The powder is very good, u will love to use it often.

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Very nice work. i LOVED THE WAY YOU CREATED.