Diwali Rangoli contest 2010

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About Diwali Rangoli contest 2010:

I know its late,but i am not sure whether this would be uploaded for the Rangoli contest,otherwise i will be happy to have it in my gallery archives.

diwali rangoli contest - 2010
Rangoli: Diwali Rangoli contest 2010


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Beautiful. So your favorite pink shade takes the centre stage.. Neat and charming.. Well Done..

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Very Nice Rangoli Deepa. The pink & green combination plays a great magic. All the best.

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Beautiful rangoli deepa dear...all d best...

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Oh very nice.. Intricate designs.. Very beautifully done Smile

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amazing work.......wow......

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very nice deepa mam

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Hi deepa,
The rangoli has come out beautifully!!Very intricately done!!

ra-dhu's picture

neat and beautiful

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HI Deepa, This has come out very well. You believe it or not, I had selected this kolam for the contest. But finally I didn't find time to execute this. All the best. The angle would have been better.

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Deepa akka...i just loved ur kolam very very much....Chandhini.

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I liked the beautiful pink and Lilac colour combination. Full view would have been more appreciated. All the best.

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FANTASTIC Deepa Smile lovely design, very soothing colors used specially the "Mera waka pink shade" just stands out..
All the very best Smile

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very many thanks to everyone who loved this rangoli,the pink i used is the recycled powder of a Ganesha rangoli i made for displaying in ikolam,soon will upload that.

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Cute Work

veena manigandan's picture

Very nice colour combination. Looks great.

shalini_srivastava's picture

Very beautiful work!!!

Nalini Venkatesh's picture

super work deepa....too good...all the best

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beautiful work

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Very beautifully done...very nice design...keep itup deepa..all the best..

jyotsnapathak's picture

very neat work.

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Deepa maam what a beauty this is, i loved it... only thing is would have loved a full view of it...

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Fabulous!!!! .I wish you aaaallll the best.Deepa.

umaraja's picture

looks like a carpet d sign, fantastic deepa

soumya narayanan's picture

excellent piece of work.I love this rangoli.

jkmrao's picture

What a fantastic job and why are the viewers denied a complete view? A better photograph would have made a world of difference. The colours are very nice and pretty and the strokes and the curves are really delicate. The symmetry too is very well taken care of. Overall, this adds another dimension to the artist's creativity besides the exquisitely drawn red and pink paDi kOlams. This year, I decided not to grade anyone. My dear dIpA ma'am, your enthusiasm and participation makes you already a winner in my opinion.

Regards! - mOhana

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Seems really complicated.. you must;ve spent hours to do this. Very nicely done. Beautiful strokes, great symmetry and good choice of color. Keep it up

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thank u so much JKM uncle for ur comments,felt like a winner already! i am really grateful to each and everyone for ur encouraging wishes at every step i move towards in creating kolams.Its been a wonderful journey of intimacy thru these kolams,which is just a reflection of the love we share among us.Thanks a ton Lata mam,will be grateful to u for giving us all such a bonding rapport.

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since it was raining i created the kolam in the garage ,where i could manage a snap standing up on my scooter only in two angles.excuse me,i couldn't manage the angle properly.there's another one snap but in a slighter better angle,will post it in gallery for ur views.

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very very beautiful leaf and petal rangoli....

hoove's picture

very beautiful..

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really good job, complicate design and nice effect with minimal colours, Deepa:) Very different from your regular kolams. All the best.

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superb deepa. all the best.

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intricate design ,very neat work.all the best.

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Nice free hand design, smooth filling of colors, selection of soothing colors, creative strokes and what not!
Your rangoli is at par with Brindha's creations!

lakshmidhana's picture

neat and beauitful rangoli.

sudhabalakrishnan's picture

nice free hand design with good colours, all the best.

Lata's picture

A very good looking extensively drawn design! Loved the combination of light pink, lavender and green. Ofcourse, looks like the angle in which the picture was taken could've been better. But, overall an exquisite design. Best wishes and thank you so much for participating in the contest. Smile

Rangoli contest 2010 results will be announced on November 20th at 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time (that will be November 21st 7:30am Indian Standard Time)

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Thank u Brindha mam,sudha mam,sowmya mam..........everyone who shared ur warm wishes with me,thanks a lot Jeya mam,felt very happy to hear ur comments,thank u sooo much for complementing me in par with a veteran like Brindha mam! and last but not the least thanks a ton Lata mam when i entered this site i was working and could contribute only less and now after resigning my job this site gives me an "apnapan" in connecting with friends who motivate me at every step and build a rapport though we live thousand miles apart.i am spellbound when it comes to thank u thru words, u will always be remembered so fondly by many people like me! Take care!

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Congrats deepa....

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Congrats Deepa!!!!!

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Congrats Deepaji.

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Congradulations deepa for being one in Top10.

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You have neatly executed this rangoli Deepa mam. Congratulations.


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Congrats Deepa, Hope my message manages to reach you.

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thank u so much everyone !