ammuchandhini's picture

Hai to all....just 2 more days to go and seeing d festival mood in this beautiful place of ours....this is my 1st diwali kolam...ur views pl....



jasree's picture

Lovely kolam Rani. I f u used some orange shade for the jothi it will be more attractive. Am I correct?

smahalakshmi's picture

Nice kuzhal kolam, Rani mam.


judelined's picture

The central pink and green combo looks so good - lovely kolam Rani - still to try out the kuzhal - no time dear Smile

subashini's picture

very nice kuzhal kolam Rani.

viji_j86's picture

where is the diyas ammu?

nithyaashok's picture

Very attractive and beautiful, Happy Diwali to you and your family.

sesha's picture

very nice kolam.I like all of u r kolams.

malar anand's picture

nice ammu mam

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u jasree, maha, judy, suba, viji mam, nithya, sesha...(thanks for ur sweet comments...i am glad u liked all...)and thanks malar....

Vinci's picture

Looks nice with pale colors.. Cute blue hearts at the centre..

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u vinci...how was diwali at ur place...do they allow to fire crackers or what.....howcome today being sunday logged in...i remember u submitting a leave letter last week...he he...

Vinci's picture

We Celebrated Deepavalli with only kambimattappu (Sparkles), No crackers allowed here.. We had a fine day meeting our friends eating all the deepavali sweets :), Some trial versions of snacks challenged my teeth!!!
How was your celebration? Should have been fine.
Thanks for granting leave for a week(Oh so sweet teacher)
And how about Jal cyclone?

ammuchandhini's picture

First it was an opthalmologist and now it is a dentist u like to visit ah...he he...in spite of jal putal(cyclone) i made a dotted cum kuzhal kolam and yet to upload it dear...yesterday chennai was soooo windy and today since early morning...its hasn't stopped raining...again onwards no more excuses for taking leave at this yr end o.k...? ha...ha..ha...

Vinci's picture

Ha.. Ha... You tease the way my husband does... I was worried that we would miss your kolams because of Jal Jal Jal...

ammuchandhini's picture

This jal jal jal was done yesterday (saturday) and there was veni at her doorstep teasing me.... whatever comes ...nothing is going to stop us from doing kolams..he he.....

Vinci's picture

That's the spirit Rani.. I remember your indoor double treat chikku kolam done on a rainy day..

ammuchandhini's picture

Oh great....u remember my earlier kolams a lot....so no need to take nyabaga maradi tablets (memory tablets)...ha...ha..ha..just for fun dear...don't take it seriously...

Vinci's picture

Serious naa enna Rani? (Asking for Synonym of Serious)

ammuchandhini's picture

Oh sooo lovely...this is something very serious going on...ha..ha..ha..

Vinci's picture

Ok Bye for now, See you tomorrow in your kolam section. And expecting a grand kolam of yours for Deepvali Contest..

ammuchandhini's picture

I was just about to type d same words vinci...no no...i am scared of potti keetti at all...(contests)....just may be i will upload one kolam but not meant for d competition...let me see...see u tomorrow ...bye dear...

umaraja's picture

conveys a warm wlcm for dwali

vijaysowmya's picture

lovely kuzhal kolam....