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Hi everybody, i don't have time to put kolam to participate in the Diwali contest. But i have put a rangoli in our office to celebrate the Diwali. Iam uploading the same under Diwali Contest. Your views and suggestions please

diwali rangoli contest - 2010
Rangoli: Diwali Contest Kolam


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Pleasing colors and well drawn strokes, Nithya. Rangoli looks beautiful.
All the best! Smile

(I also wanted to let you know that we had a tough time digging out this particular image out of your submission. Despite being a good sized image, this was giving us errors because you had included a bitmap image instead of the usual jpg, png or the gif. We ended up losing this image in translation, and had to dig up the pile to retrieve it. It was a close call. I'm glad this beauty made it eventually Nithya. Thank you for uploading and participating).

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Lovely Presentation Nithya. Nice colors with uniform spreading of colors. all the best.

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Lovely rangoli Nithya. All the best.

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Beautiful sb rangoli done by u niths dear...all d best...

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the rangoli is great...

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this comment goes for the administrator of the group(Lata).I admire you for the pains you take for every individual rangoli.you are awesome.the way you encourage every one......wow....I had a personal experience to that when i recieved such an encouraging email from you.hats off to you for not only managing this beautiful website but also being a leader in the true sense..
i run a small blog at blogspot and as an owner i'm learning each day from people like you.......please keep up with the good work......:)

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Beautiful rangoli.All the best.

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beautiful Nithya mam. all the best.

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pretty kolam with good combination of powder and flowers. A unique design too. All d bet nitya.

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Pretty rangoli Nithya.Good combination of colours, flowers and diyas.

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Cute Work

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Very beautiful SB rangoli with pleasing colors.
( For Lata, all kolams are like babies. Mother never differentiate them. Hats off to her patience)

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Very beautiful SB rangoli with pleasing colors.
( For Lata, all kolams are like babies. Mother never differentiate them. Hats off to her patience)

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Beautiful sb rangoli..nice colour match...all the best nithya...

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Very pretty Nithya maam and lata hats off to u dear

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Nice rangoli with pleasing colours and fresh flowers, Nithya. All the best.

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This is a very beautiful creation with soft and unobtrusive colours. The central kuttuviLakku and the preepheral lamps add a divine quality to this. The only other comment I make here is that the symmetry could have been taken care of in a better manner. Overall, a very pleasing rangOli. This year, I decided not to grade anyone. nityA ma'am, your enthusiasm and participation makes you already a winner in my opinion.

Regards! - mOhana

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Subtle and pleasing too the eye,I mean your design and colors

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very well done SB rangoli...

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nice colours used

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beautiful rangoli. all the best.

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Thank you so much everybody.
Lata, a very special thanks to you since you took so much pain to publish this kolam. Hatts off to your patience and encouragement. Thank you once again Lata!

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lovely pookolam Nithya, all the best.

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You're most welcome Nithya. Best wishes and thank you so much for participating in the contest. Smile

Rangoli contest 2010 results will be announced on November 20th at 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time (that will be November 21st 7:30am Indian Standard Time)

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Thank you everybody once again for voting me

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Very nice SB Rangoli.


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Good Work Nithya. Great to see you in contest.