diwali contest- 2009

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About diwali contest- 2009:

this is drawn in front of my home on diwali day.

Diwali Contest 2009
Rangoli: diwali contest- 2009


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kolam and colours also very nice

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Pretty ... very very pretty

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beautiful and nice design / colours come out well.....all the best

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So nicely done. Good design and pleasing colours. I like some space leaving uncoloured too. That gives a nice contrast to the rest of the pattern. Why are the bottom end curved and not the top ends? Good symmetry and patient work!

If you enjoy in what you do, you are certainly a winner
If you excel in your efforts, you are certainly a winner
Good luck!

Regards! - mOhana

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Beautiful rangoli.colours are very attractive.

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I too had the same thought as JKM on the difference in the border design.... Nice bright colours and neat design - very good symmetry also... All the best Smile

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wow, g8 as usual
were you trying to make a throne/ pedestal design? i felt so when the curves missing other two corners. if yes then it will also suit better as a wall design too.

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beautiful and nice design & colours also

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Wow..............great work.................all the best Smile

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all the best

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beautiful one

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Very nice designs and strokes with bright colors..........
All the best!

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Beautiful and nice colour combination

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design........ very nice, looking different with 2 hanging extensions at the bottom.
coloring........very nice color choice, the blue inside standing out..
decoratins.... beautiful border add the beauty..
On the whole bright and beautiful

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Very neatly done with so much effort and patience. Color combination is simply superb.

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Good colors.

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Nice design

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very pleasing..:) neat work! Ushi

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Nice design colored well with a professional touch! Best of Luck!

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NIce free hand kolam. Drawn with great care to maintain the symmetry. Colour combination is also nice. As Mohana sir said the uncoloured part adds beauty.

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ரொம்ப அழகான கோலம். மிக நேர்த்தியாக உள்ளது