Diwali Rangoli - Contest - 2009

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About Diwali Rangoli - Contest - 2009:

i am sending this free hand rangoli for diwali contest 2009.this kolam was drawn in front of my house on diwali night.

Diwali Contest 2009
Rangoli: Diwali Rangoli - Contest - 2009


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Simple yet very very beautiful

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nice light effects on beautifull design...all the best

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Very good lighting effect! They also add colour to the pattern. The top and the bottom lines could have been straighter. Nice work for dIpAvaLi.

If you enjoy in what you do, you are certainly a winner
If you excel in your efforts, you are certainly a winner
Good luck!

Regards! - mOhana

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The tiny curls in this design makes this rangoli very beautiful, and so do the maroon and green color combination. Smile

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Beautiful design and the colors used makes it look very bright!

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Neat and bright rangoli.

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Cute design with so many twirlies... the centre star looks really good... The diyas have added a lovely effect also... All the best Smile

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here comes the festival of lights Smile ....good usage of diyas

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bright rangoli

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Very bright and beautiful...............All the best!

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Different beautiful design

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bright one....

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Real beauty ............
All the best!

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bright with lighting and colorful

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design.....cute and beautiful
coloring.......with minimum colors this kolam looks striking. color filling neat.
decorations.... nicely done curls, the deepams add beauty
on the whole very charming.

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it really looks like a diwali kolam. All the best.

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Very attractive and real diwali kolam.

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Very cute rangoli with lots of lamps around. Apt for the occasion. All the best!

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very nicely done, good colors, attractive

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cute kolam with nice colour combination. Neatly done.

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very nice

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its very nise so...beautiful.we saw pavans blogand your photos it is also beautiful.
happy new year 2010