diwali 2006 (2)

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it is done with liquid color using brush and decorated with diyas

Rangoli: diwali 2006 (2)


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thanks for sharing another idea to make maavu kolams, the flowers are looking great and nicely placed diyas

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Liquid color painted with brush... good idea. But I think it takes time to draw. Is the floor wooden one. looking great in Diya's light.

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thanks ma'am.... its a marble floor... and i did it directly with brush...

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Artistic neat work,looks preety good

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beautiful ankitha

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very beautiful

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very beautiful...thanks for new idea..

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Bright spots in the darkness of daily drudgery!

Regards! - mOhana

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looks like a design on the designer sarees. very nice

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Ankita I can see you are a good artist - very neatly drawn flowers and wonderfully placed diyas Smile

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Very beautiful with lamps.

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Looks very pretty.

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thanks alot everyone....