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This is a rangoli design, you can use this as a mehandi design and embroidery design also.

Rangoli: Design


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Indira ,nice design.i like the leafs.....

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Thank u Lakshmi. These leafs look like ur rangoli leafs

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I can't stop admiring the lines with a shade like ending. wondering How the negative of this kolam poto will look?

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Rajamma mam thank u for ur sweet comment. i draw normally but it comes with a shade. I caught kolams by handycamera. So i dont know how the kolam looks in the negative.

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Black and white beauty

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intha design-a appadiye pinnankai-la Mehendi-ya podalaam-nu nenaikkiren..... with small dew drops heading towards the nails from the leaves..... very nice design, Indira ma'am...

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Purni, intha design-a appadiye pinnankai-la Mehendi-ya with small dew drops heading towards the nails from the leaves- konjam pottu kaatreengalaa ? Smile

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Nice pattern!
Most of the Display softwares (like the free Irfanview I use) have a function
to create negative. Press that button, you'll get the negative. The negative of
the above pattern is quite nice, like a print. By the way, for the henna enthusiasts,
there are downloadable books on henna patterns at scribd. Regards! - mOhana

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Purni Lata chonnathupolla mehindi poduveengalla? Thank u Purni.
Thank u Brintha
Thank u mOhanaji
and Thank u Lata