Custard powder flowers

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About Custard powder flowers:

Same as corn flour method. Instead of corn flour, i have used custard powder. custard powder expiry date was over, so why waste, thought of making flowers. thank u

Rangoli: Custard powder flowers


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nice idea and looks good.

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thank u

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Looks delicious and so natural! Just curious, did you give it a lick after you were done? I mean, weren't you tempted. It is just custard powder, no harm right? Smile

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hi lata thanx fr ur commnt . wht u said s correct when i ws doing flower de smell ws tempting me but it s mixed with white gum na so i hve 2 control my self.

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Do you please explain the method in detail.

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hi sree i hve give method abt cold porcelain in napkin ring .pls check it thank u.

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Lick Lata?? I would have had a bite into it for sure. Custard is my all time favourite dessert. Everything looks so real and we would love it if you shared the technique with us Smile

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thanx fr de commnt s simple i wll uplod photos of flowers method and tecnique

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:).. i like it ....u know what ... i like the statement 'why waste it.. ' ..even i think it the same way .... never ever throw my paper ... try to use it in every possible way...

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hi ankita,thank u very much fr ur lovely commnts.

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it looks so natural!!excellent ...

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thanx fr ur commnt lakshmi

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hai extremely tempting to have the custard flower with regards

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hi thanx fr ur commnt

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I think u have added liqiud colors to the flour and made these lovely and tasty flowers and leaves.rajamma

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i rajamma s ur right i hve used liguid colour but nt 2 de flour 2 de cp dough thank u

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very realistic. really a good idea. keep it up.

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ahha! what an innovation! Hats of to you

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Very good idea and very well done.