Corn Beauties(models)

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My corn beauties(models) with their brown and white hair walking the ramp to exhibit the creation, designer dress of Dr. Shetty. Viewers please comment .Eagerly waiting for your comments

Rangoli: Corn Beauties(models)


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Wow....lovely imagination rekha mam...i have never enjoyed anything like this before ...

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Thank you Lataji and Ammuji for your encouraging comments .Ammu mam specially thank you for enjoying my silly ,stupid ideas .I will try to upload my other silly, stupid creations whenever I will get time.

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very cute!!

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These beauties steal my hearts..

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Wish I had two hearts!! Weird wish:)

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very beautiful...nice imagination.....

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no no no rekha, these r not silly or stupid ideas, a creator is someone equal to god since only he could create, ur creativity is something grt and best than people who just steam a corn and munch it, superb

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very beautiful...good imagination

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Very creative idea. Looks Great.

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Thank you Aditya,vinci,vijaysowmya,umaraj,lackmiraghu,veena for your good motivating comments

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choo sweet and so cute madam.

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very cute Rekha mam

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Thank you Malar anand and Radhika for your encouraging comments .very soon i will try to upload the colourful designer dress designed for these beauties.

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Corn couple make a lovely pair!

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very cute couple.

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cute corn beauty

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What what an imagination???????? Great Great Rekha. Hats offffffffffff

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Thank you Jayamohan, Indu , Subashini, Padma Prakash for your sweet comments .
That day I brought corn because my daughter was very hungry and she wanted me to boil the corn and serve her. Neglecting her request I was busy in making and clicking the photograph of my corn beauties .Later on I realized my selfishness and still feeling guilty .But I have to mention proudly that at the end though she was little angry still appreciated my creation.

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Wow!!!! great. Very lovely and cozy couple. Please keep posting such weird ideas. { if my son says WEIRD, then I understand that he liked it].

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Hi sjnt, thank you to you and your son .If you don’t' mind can i ask you and your son's name .Also like to thank you Jaymohan, Subasini ,Indu ,Padma-Praksh for your lovely encouraging words. By now you must have understood that this doctor is really a mad .Am I right