Coollage Rangolam

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About Coollage Rangolam:

I have put 4 simple 9-1 straight dot chikku kolams and decorated with coloured lines. Rang+kolam = Rangolam! Lata's tuitorial helped me in presenting them in one lot. Hope you all like it.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Coollage Rangolam


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(My head is spinning, I need to breathe, and would get back later). Smile

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Don't know how to pen down my appreciation into words,,, Fantastic.. Kappi adika naan ready,, Fantastic work...

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All simple chikku kolams but beautified with color lines, curves and checks. Hence look very rich! Proves your creativity, again!

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Wow. excellent work. Simplekolams with beautiful, colorful decoration. Extraordinary work.

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wow rajammaji such a visual treat for d eyes thanks for sharing such a beauty

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What to say? such a great freast, Fantastic, marvellous, beautiful, so on.... Thanks for sharing such bright kolams,

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rajamma mam super duper super super

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OMG Rajam - this is too good to be true.. Each one is trying to outbeat the other. I just love the bottom left design the best. The decorations, the lines, the checks everything mingles so well with each other to make a perfect picture.

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excellent rajammaji! ovovnnum thigattadha rangolam

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Great work! Very colourful and eye catching.

Regards! - mOhana

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Excellent!!!!!!!!!! Totally a different approach in filling and decorating a simple rangoli and group of such is a real treat for us. Thank you very much Rajamma.

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Rajamma maam this sure is a visual treat... I always used to wonder how can u decorate chikku kolams and you taught me how to do it... excellent color combinations used for each kolam making them so bright and beautiful, this is what I call making a simple kolam a fantabulous one.. marvelous

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Wow great four gems.

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I bow my head for your creativity.Thanks for sharing.

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Mam... its really very very very nice!!!

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22222222 beautiful to express in words

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very beautiful kolam.

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பாராட்டி ஊக்குவித்த எல்லாருக்கும் ரொம்ப நன்றிங்க .( thank u all fot the nice comments. Lata, after seeing your tamizh naanum adhukku maareetten.)

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Last one is the best. No no no no, the second one. Oh no.... the first is the best or the third one? I am really confused.

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avlo kolamum azhagu alludu.. superrrr.. chikku kolathula colour strokes.. asathitinga rajamma ji!

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Cute குட்டீஸ்!!! எல்லாமே ரொம்ப ரொம்ப அழகு

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all are innovative.. really good.. thanx mam-yamuna

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colourful mats looks very very nice...i like the colur shading idea...beautiful colour match ....waiting to see moorrrreeeeeeeeeeee rajammaji...

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Beautiful strokes of colour aunty.

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rajamma ji ..aapki rangoli bahut hi khubsurat hai...

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wonderful coloring rajammaji, different look for chikku kolams... all are equally good and they shine on the black granite Smile , thanks for sharing.

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Your beautiful, excellent, awesome rangoli and.......... what not ?have stopped me to comment on this kolam, no words to express. really superb. thanks for sharing the idea of shading in chiku's too.

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என்ன கலர் ,என்ன நெளிவு .அடடடா!மேடம்,ஒரு சந்தேகம் ,புள்ளி வெச்சு கோலம் நீங்கதான் போடுவீங்களா!இல்ல ,நீங்க கை வெச்சதும் கோலம் தானாவே வந்துடுமா (அதாவது லதாவோட animation maadhiri தானாவே கோலம் பூர்த்தி ஆகிவிடுமா )

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No comments.....i cannot close my mouth..and eyes....-Indira

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ராஜம்மா மாமி உங்களுடைய சிக்கு கோலம் கண்ணை பறிக்கிறது.ரொம்ப அழகா இருக்கிறது.