Concept Rangoli-Is India shining? - pic 2

p_malathi Tue, 02/01/2011 - 20:33

Super theme, Baratha matha' face, saree (especially the border, necklace) has come out well. But matha is crying??? No. we won't allow her to cry.
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the ornaments, saree, r presented very neatly, but u could have given d full image so that v could have understood d entire theme
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Beautiful concept rangoli!!!I go with nithya mam's words...We won't allow her to cry.
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Hi all, Thanks for your comments. Please checkout the pic1 of this in my gallery. (Malathi Palla). That is the full rangoli with explanation. Regards, Malathi
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Thank you. Please check 'Concept Rangoli-Is India shining? - pic 1' in my gallery (Malathi Palla) That is the picture of full rangoli with explanantion of the concept. I explained all the issues addressed in the Rangoli. Regards, Malathi
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Malathi mam. I had a look at your Pic 1 of the concept Rangoli. Nice concept and you have beautifully depicted in the form of Rangoli. As nithya mam rightly said, we will not allow our mother (Bharatha matha) to cry. We all can join hands together to get rid of these issues. I liked your concept. Did u win prize? Yu have done a good job. Mahalakshmi
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@ Mahalakshmi garu, thank you. No i did not win the price. But mine was viewer's favourite. They gave prize for traditional rangoli. Last time when i made traditional rangoli they gave prize for concept Rangoli:) So i just enjoy making rangoli. @Judelined, Thank you.That is my little one's picture Regards, Malathi
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Malathi she is so cute - pretty pose closing her eyes - I think she also does not want to see Bharatha Maatha crying
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Thank you, Radhika garu. @Judy garu, thank you. she was 2 years old when i took this photo. She is 7 now with long hair :) Regards, Malathi
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