Concept Rangoli-Is India shining? - pic 1

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Hi all,

I have made this Rangoli for a contest at our office. The concept I used is 'Is India shining'? In this Rangoli Bharatha matha is crying and asking the Indians 'Am I shining?' with the following problems around her. There may be many problems but I could only draw 6 of the due to time constraint.I tried to make this look like rangoli in a circle shape. I am uploading 2 pictures. (Pic 1 whole rangoli and pic 2 the close-up of Bhratha matha).

1) Child labour- little boy carrying bricks on his head saying 'I deserve a school bag'
2) Pollution - The lotus has become blue due to pollution and saying 'No pollution Pls.'
3) Corruption - Hand under the table saying 'stop corruption'
4) Save girl Child - Little girl pleading 'please save me'
5) Save Tiger - Tiger is saying 'Don't kill me'
6) Religious Riots- A saffron knife and green knife with Hindu Muslim symbols saying ' Stop Fighting'

I thought of sharing this with you all. Please let me know your comments.


Rangoli: Concept Rangoli-Is India shining? - pic 1


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Malathiji, Nice concept kolam. I could understand your deep feelings for the problems the Nation is facing today. Younger generation only can join hands to fight against them.

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Thank you, Rajamma madam for your encouraging comments.
Regards, Malathi