coloured collage

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These kolams I drew on the stool wiping the kolam after capturing it and thus saving powder also. All are two coloured kutty kolams. All are dotted kolams. Top left : 7-4 interlaced Top Right : 5-3 (interlaced) then on all sides 1-2-1. Bottom left and right : 9-5(interlaced).Your view pls.

Rangoli: coloured collage


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Some pretty designs you have here Padma. Good idea to just use two colors. I liked all of these. Just to be sure, all of these are dotted, right? May we please have the dot count for each of them? Smile

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all d four r cute padma mam...i liked d top right one d most....

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Nice studio kolams. Ideal for apartment entrance!

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A pretty collection of 4 very cute kolams. Every single kolam is unique. I like the way the flowers are casually dancing around the centre flower in the bottom right kolam. Very good work Padma Smile

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all 4 designs are so pretty.. both the flower kolams in the down part is so lovely..

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Thank you Lata and all for your comments. Yes all are dotted kolams. Top left : 7-4 interlaced Top Right : 5-3 (interlaced) then on all sides 1-2-1. Bottom left and right : 9-5(interlaced).

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cute and sweet rangolis looks very beautiful i like all.

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Very cute collection of 4 kolams. all the kolams r cute especially the bottom right one.

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Cute kolams Padma:) I like the 3rd and the 4th one very much:)

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Padma maam all the kolams look wonderful with just two colors used... I dont know how you would hv felt erasing them after taking the photo... I feel bad to erase a kolam if it is good even after a day and sometimes leave it for an extra day

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All kutti kolams are very cute. I like the second one... Birds with pink beaks, could not make out the dot pattern,

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pretty nice collage Padamaware...heggiddira? ....good floral designs...i too like the birdee design, kind of different one

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Thank you anirudh, pushpa, lakshmi, brinda, rajusree and rajamma. The dot pattern is 5-3 interlaced. on all the sides 1-2-1 interlaced.