Colorful Chiku Kolam

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About Colorful Chiku Kolam:

This chiku kolam has a dots count of 11 to 6, center dots.

Rangoli: Colorful Chiku Kolam


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Nice heart shaped, and torpedo shaped structures (as Judy's says). Smile

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pink and red, green and blue nicely matched in this chikku kolam.

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pushpaji it loks very beautiful

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because of the various colours the chiku does not look compicated!

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Neat job Pushpa.....

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Simple but gives a rayal look.

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Very nice pushpaji

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chikku kolam itself is difficult to make. that also computerised chikku, hats off to everyone who make kolams in computer.

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Smile Thank you everyone for your comments ... it encourages me to do more ...

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nice colorful and very neat curves...i think definitley would have taken more time in MSPaint...right Maheshji?

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I think this is Pushpaji's dotted kolam. Smile
Maheshji's user name is ddaayy, or some combination of letters "day".

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oh sorry Pushpaji, got confused Sad

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Its very neat and colourful, Pushpa Ma'am.....