Collage kolams

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These two r the kolams done by me on various ocassions. The first one is Alapana kolam done by me longback. I was hesitant to send it but now sending it for ur comments n suggestions to improve.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Collage kolams


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Both are beautiful... Pretty dancing paislies, lotuses with creepers.... Could have uploaded separately for a closer look...

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Both are very nice.....

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both are very very nice...fusion kolam looks diffrent..i like the colour match padma...

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neat graceful job

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Both r nice, 2nd one is a fusion kolam looking very different. 1st one Alpana kolam... it should have some more thick design s, I suppose.

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Padma never hesitate to display your creations as I always told you - every creation is beautiful in its own way - like this one - both pretty ones. The first one is so cute with lovely paisleys and nice colour combinations and the second is a lovely fusion kolam with neat otus flowers - both very nice Smile

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Hi, both the kolams are very pretty. Why do you hesitate to upload such a lovely kolams. The second one I have in my collections. I was thinking of creating n uploading that. But u have done it already. Good. Next time I have still faster in implementing my thinkings.

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lovely kolams padma....thank god u shared these with us...both r so beautiful...esp...d second dotted is so beautiful....

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Both the kolams are nice, alpona is similar to our free hand kolam but with more thicker lines and designs and they use more Shanks, swastiks, and Padams known as Lakshmi Padams. Because of rains i am not able to make kolams now a days.

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Both kolams are good Rajusree.

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both of them are nice.

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Both look very pretty but my personal liking is the second fusion one

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Nicely coloured, I would have preferred to viewing two separate images. The right one is very appealing and pleasant. Symmetry is not well taken care of in the first one.

Regards! - mOhana

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beautiful kolams mam............. thank you for sharing...ahhhhhhh yes one important suggestion i would like to give you , please do not hide such beautiful kolams anymore, do share it. i am always hungry to see and also learn such beautiful rangoli..... thank you, mam..

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very pretty kolams.
Here after send your kolams regularly and we are here to enjoy.

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I like both... very nice colouring and drawing Padmashree..-Indira Sundar