Another imitation

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This one I created is partly based on the quill work. I departed here and there. I know it is late. But then they say better late, than never Smile

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Another imitation


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looks very lovely sir very nice. The lotus are looking very pretty.

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Very very attracted kolam,i imagine this with lakshmis whiie strokes.

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one more thing i want to share,in meenakshi temple ,in roof this type of kolams that round quill work drawn as flower petals , a lovely round kolam.

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Beautiful pattern Mohanaji! I especially like the magenta colored flowers and the concentric circles. I agree Madhuji, this pattern will look good in Lakshmi's white strokes. I'm also imagining this pattern in Brindha's and Rajam's bright colors, in Pushpa's maakolam, in Vidhya's version of embellished stencil designs, in Judy's computer made version, and in Suganthi's quilled designs. Smile

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Pretty Lotus.

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lovely quilling design jkm sir...thanks for sharing this...

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awesome quilling...i too love the lotus and their leaves...come out too gud.

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latha vijayan
really beautiful

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yes i too agree with lata and madhuharini, lakshmi ji why dont you fulfill your fans wishes and do this for us in your white strokes.

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Thanks everyone! Since you all seem to like the lotus, let me tell you how I made it. As you can see, I took the heart pattern and inserted one into the other, etc, finally got three purple hearts. I took this, cut out part of it to obtain the petals on one side and the mirror image on the other side Leaves are two green ellipses and a straight line for the end. Voila, you have the lotus Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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superb design romba beautiful.

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JMK sir wow this is just mesmerising and after reading your description on how u did the lotus I am baffled... how u think sir really this is an absolutely wonderful design and I liked the "DIFFERENT COLORS" in this ... see I told u, u can create amazing designs with colors and I was right... this is lovely sir... tx for this

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In the morning when I saw this repeatedly I could not get correct words to express my appreciations. Wondering how you could get the dark and light pink shades for the lovely lotus flowers. They were looking very much different and forming a lovely design in the mirror image placement. Inside quilling also very beautiful. Now that you have given the details of how you made this effect, it will be helpful to all of us to try . Thanks for the guidance.

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Great colours... Lovely quilling design.. Sharp edged yet the most pretty lotuses... Thanx for the wonderful design Sir!

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beautiful design..i like the colour has come out wonderful...hmm.hi friebds.give me some time i will try for this..during next few weeks from iam litte busy with pavan's college admission...

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Very creatively done quilled kolam Mohanaji. When I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was a flower rangoli.

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Lotus are very cute.-Srenithy

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jkm sir lovely quilled kolam. It has two dimensions. Because the image looks like flower podi colour kolam before opening and after opening it emerges as a beautiful quilled kolam. The inverted lotus is a good idea and i liked very much.Thank you

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super and different quilling design.

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beautiful design and very good color combination JKMji..-Indira Sundar

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Awesome creation with excellent colours JKM - Everything is so pretty about it - don't know how many times I opened this page to steal a glance at it today Smile