Collage- 3

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This is a collage of Flower and Swastik Kolam. The rangoli's are drawn using pencil and coloured using sketch pens. The dot count is visible. One image is quite blurr. Hope u all accept n....._________.

Rangoli: Collage- 3

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very attractive kolam.Nnice colour combination you used in these kolams.My favourite colour is blue that's why i like the second kolam very much..................................

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Padma,Both r nice. first one pink/green combination very good. looks like a flag kolam also.Second one is different kind, swastiks and flowers nicely blended. The florescent neel dots add the beauty .... but why they r in only one direction?

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very nice designs

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Both the designs r very cute.

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hai padma mam...both ur kolams r beautiful...esp i liked d second one very much...

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hi, padma, both the kolams are really very neatly drawn and superb too. I liked the first one very much, the colours used are really good

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Padma maam cute kolams... the first one with good color combination

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padma both the rangavallis are very very nice...

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Both the kolams are nice with good colour combinations.

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Both the rangolis are beautiful. The colors that you've chosen further enhance the beauty, in both the designs. Wish you could've kept both a separate files, since they have different set of dots. Smile

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Pretty designs. I too feel these must have been separately uploaded and that too in larger size.

Regards! - mOhana

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Very pretty Padma - both are very attractive Smile

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Thank you all