coconut/Banana poo kolam.

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About coconut/Banana poo kolam. : PRINT

This simple design is made with colored coconut poo and decorated with plastic little flowers and tander Vazhaipoo ( banana flower). I think it should be called vegitable/poo kolam.

plantain flower
Rangoli: coconut/Banana poo kolam.


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very pretty work ...looks like a velvet mat lying on the floor...nice idea to use vazhaipoo for your borders...

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Lovely veg-poo kolam rajamma such a nice spongy effect...

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Amazing work with bright colours (of coconut Poo) and real Poo, Rajammaji. I wonder your creativity and enthusiasm (Kannu pada pogudhamma, Rajamma amma, Suththi poda sollunga, amma).

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i also tried to dry the coconut poo after extracting the milk but the crows ate half of it and the rest by squirrels:(

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Fantastic work,mam..

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Nice one - creative usage of cooking items.

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Aha, valaipoo kolam. very creative.
bright colours looks so lovely mam.

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Lovely poo kolam (Banana/coconut) Rajammaji..-Indira Sundar

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lovely .inovative idea .congrats

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o, lovely work rajam, looks like woolen mat .very nice creative pookolam.

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wonderful Rajamma mam,the kolam is very attractive

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Wow Rajamma maam amazing work... I am visualizing a top view of a red pond surrounded by greenery and mountains and valleys and waterfalls (vazhai poo)...

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Wow!!!! Rajamma Mam! I always admire your enthusiasm & amazing creativity..

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so fluffy delight given by rajamma mam, superb

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Very creative. Looks like sea otters lying on grass

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Beautiful and good imaginary work Rajam Mam.

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very beautiful design n idea too...!!!

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beautiful kathakali makeup rajammaji......nice colours too...

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WoW! Beautiful spread.. Amazed by your creativity.. Lovely design with cute colors.

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Wow, lovely design and beautiful imagination, the colour combination is superb as if it looks like a woolen shawl

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Seriously, is it coconut that is used for the colored areas? It very much looks like felt pieces. Nice decoration with plastic flowers and real flowers. Great idea and awesome coloring! Smile

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Very nice novel idea.


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Thank you all for appreciating and expressing it in nice words.
Lata, It is coconut poo only, after grinding in the mixie and removing the milk from it, it became very soft and fine. I added indigo liquid food color , but it became too dark. Forthe green, i mixed apple green and royal blue and got this dark green.( I am doing experiment mixing with 2, 3 colors.).
Brindha, you keep it in the freezer and it becomes dry,My rangolis also tasted by squrrils and birds.

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wonderful rajammaji....i am wondering...whether they are seals (seen them many in sfo) waiting to play Smile or already doing some tricks using the banana flower?

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Oh! You have started doing your chemistry experiments on the color powders!