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I drew this clock using paper plate. I saw kids craft section in a site, then i tried. How is it?

- Srenithy

Rangoli: Clock


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Those are very well placed snap buttons Srenithy! Did you try to put movable hands in your clock? If not, ask you mom to help you with it. Smile
Long time ago, I'd made some for my students, and they had fun learning to tell time that way. One of these days, when I'm done rearranging things in my garage, I'll find my old students' works and upload for you to enjoy.

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Lata thanks. She asked me to put movable hands. But at that time i was busy with my son. I do not allow her to use scissor and knife.

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Aunty thank u so much.
Please upload the images early ,i am waiting for them. my school reopens on April 5.
Now i enjoy my vacation.

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srenithy excellent thought its come up nice...

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Srekutty very nice clock. i can hear the 'Tik Tok' from here.

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It is nice. Nowadays children and adults lost the art of looking at a "regular"
clock and telling the time. This art is reviving it Smile You also learn the
multiplication table of the number five in the process! My favourite clock
is the one with the hands turning not clockwise, but anti-clockwise. There is
one like that on Hollywood Blvd (the avenue with stars) in LA. In the old days
the Jewish used to have such clocks.

Regards! - mOhana

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Srekutty such a lovely clock... you reminded me of the day when i was as little as you and my daddy made a cardboard clock with moving hands to teach me to read the time... it took me more than 2 hours to actually learn how to read the time because i used to be so scared of my daddy as he was very strict and would make me cry... my daddy is in heaven now and i am sure he too is smiling seeing your clock....

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Lakshmi aunty, thank u so much

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Rajamma paati thank u so much

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Uncle thank u so much

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Judy aunty thank u so much
Now i have made the clock with movable hands by my amma's help.

Thank u all once again