Chikku kolam

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When I visited a godown to select school uniform, a cute chikku kolam drawn in a corner with a rare dot count surprised me. Took a photo in my mobile and drew with color podi for you all to taste. Can you all use this dot count for creaitng different chikku kolam?

Rangoli: Chikku kolam


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Beautiful kolam RajamAmma. The color spread gives a different look, especially the pink dots.
Yes, we can give a try with the above dot count Smile

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excellent make up with simple kolam!-suguna murugesan

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excellent colour spread .good colour combination.Overall briliant work rajjamma

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9x1 with an additional 9 row makes this different. Your coloring adds more charm to it!

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Jaya, it is only 10-2 straight dots. we rarely see chikku kolams with this dot count.

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Rajam, I looked the other way! 9x1 with an additional row of 9!

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nice kolam

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nice design rajammaji..and colouring tooo in different style.. thanks for sharing..will try to create one on my own.

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Superb and neat presentation from you with lovely spread of colors. will try to do a kolam with the above dot count.

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Lovely sikku kolam,mam

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kalakal and colourful chikku kolam rajamma...

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excellent make up

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yennangal muzhuvadhum kolamay iruppadhaal
vannangaalal neengal varaindha kolam idhu
vazhakkaththirkku maaraga iruppadhaga neengal ninaikka,
vazhkkaada varugirar illai yendu vuraikka vungal thangai.
vannagalum besh, besh, vungal yennangalum besh, besh.

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Lovely sikku kolam with superb decors rajamma mam....hmm...thanks for d H.W....haha

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cute chikku kolam with cute colour combination

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Very pretty and colourful kolam Rajam mam.


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Beautiful kolam Rajamma mam.

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Thank you all for the nice encouraging comments.
Suba, thanks for the nice Kavidhai comment.
Ungal azhagu mikka edhgai monaiyudan koodiya porul niraindha kavidhaikkaagave innum innum kolam poda manm vizhaigiradhu.

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NIce kolam with beautiful colouring