dotted kolam

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First time I tried this type of kolam. dots are 9-9 straight dots.

Rangoli: dotted kolam


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subha, really very nice , why is it the shaky strokes ? otherwise it is fine.

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I am not sure how you drew this - on the computer or on the floor with wet flour. If it is the latter, it is a very very good effort and you must be commended. If it is the former on the computer, more practice is needed Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice one Subha maam.

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lovely suba...maakolam pc le senja maadiri irukku...let us know .....

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Rani, senja maadiri illa, pc kolam dhaan! Smile This will please Mr.Nagata.
(I'm sure this is a pc kolam)
I like how she has confused us with this particular one. Lovely rice paste effect. Smile

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ya latha...d background is for sure has a pc effect but d kolam design surely looks like maakolam illaya....nalla than confuse panni kelappuraangappa......

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Thank you sudha,jkm,rani,and latha.Rani and latha, yenakku kooda sandhoshama irukku unga kuzhapathai paarthu.Lathavukkum kuzhappama?I drew it with pen and path help.Then i stroke with flat brush with white color.Then I cut it and paste into a new background.That's all.innum kuzhappama?{I drew it inch by inch with pen tool , jkm}

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Yennavendru solvadhamma Subavin computer perazaghai.. sollamudillaiamma konjugindra kollaiazaghai.. Suba enakku vaarthai varavillai unga aarvathai varnikka. This is an absolute beauty. The way you have made the shaky strokes cheats us to believe it is a real kolam not a virtual one Smile PRAMAADHAM !!

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very nice and gud attempt. nice kolam

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Though PC kolam, it looks like wet rice mavu kolam. Nice one.

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Thank you very much jude for your kavidhai words.I never want to cheat any body.I found this design in net.suddenly I got a thought to make it like this.Neenga vera nija kolam poda sonneengala, indha kolathai naan tharayil poda muyandraal, naan marunaal hospital poga vendi irukkum.computeril poda oru naal thevai pattadhu.Idhu designai pakkathil vaithukkondu paarthu paarthu potta kolamdhaan.Adhanaal muzhu perumaiyum yenakku illai.

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Thank you alamelu madam, and padma madam.

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engeeyoo poyiteengamma!!!!!!!

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"yennanggal vaanaththai thottalum viralgal yennavo jannal kambigalodudhaan" idhu moo .methaavin kavidhai varigal.Adhu maadhiri naan ippodhu poduvadhu yellam computaril mattudhaan viji.idhu yenakku konjam varuththamaagadhaan irukkiradhu.

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Good try.. Made everyone to make wild guesses!!! Keep it up...

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Subashini maam well made kolam and yes the shaky lines gives the illusion of a wet maavu kolam

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Thank you vinci and pushpa.

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Suba, Fantastik, there may be some flaws in this PC kolam but your efferts to achieve new heights in this line is something great.Shows your"Vidaa Muyarchi". This design may be easy to draw with kolapodi or wet maavu . But in that also to get that weaving effect it will take more time and patience.

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ungal manam thirandha paaraattukku miga nandri rajam.

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very nice and good attempt.